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the most user-friendly platform for complete risk management

Perium is the all-in-one platform for risk management. In no time at all you will be equipped with an intuitive and flexible system for risk management and reporting.

From now on, comply with the standards relevant to you in areas such as security, privacy, sustainability, environment, energy management, health and safety and much more.

Manage your organization's risks quickly, simply and smartly with Perium.

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Managing risk more efficiently

The number of incidents, including security risks, is increasing hand over fist, with an average damage amount of €50,000 to €100,000. At the same time, safeguards on topics such as privacy, quality, sustainability and reporting must meet more and more and higher requirements and standards.

Add to that the increased internal demands, for continuous improvement and reporting to executive teams, it becomes clear how high the pressure is on the organization to efficiently manage risk.

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The benefits at a glance

Perium is suitable for all industries

Getting started quickly and easily

If you try our trial version for free and without obligation, you will immediately notice that the platform works intuitively. We offer templates you can use right away.

Many risks and measures have already been identified. Perium has already prepared these risks and standards for you. No need to reinvent the wheel. And does your organization have specific risks? You can add those in a minute.

Once you get going, you keep going. Your organization's resilience improves every day thanks to the built-in improvement cycle.

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