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A number of risk sets are currently included in Perium. New risks are added every month.

Digital risks:

  1. NoREa (professional association of IT auditors).
  2. NBA (professional association of accountants)
  3. CIP (Center for Information Security and Privacy Protection).

These risks are linked to the Security and Privacy standards with control measures.

Perium also includes the most known threats and vulnerabilities based on the OWASP and NIST, among others, and linked to digital risks.

Currently, the following most common norms and standards are included in Perium. New norms and standards are added every month.


  1. HKZ 123 2015+A1_2019 General Organization section
  2. ISO27001 2022 English
  3. ISO27001 2022 Dutch
  4. ISO9001 2015 Dutch
  5. ISO50001 2018 English (Energy management)
  6. ISO27001 2017+A11 2020 Dutch


  1. Baseline Information Security (housing) Corporations (BIC) 3.0
  2. Government Information Security Baseline (BIO) 2019
  3. Cloud Control Matrix 4.0.5 2022 English
  4. DigiD 2.0 and 3.0
  5. DNB Good Practice Information Security 2019
  6. E-Health Assessment Framework IGJ 2018
  7. HKZ 146 2015+A1_2018+C12021
  8. IBP Education
  9. ICT Security Guidelines for Web Applications 2015
  10. ISO27002 2017 and 2022 Dutch, 2022 English
  11. ISO27701 2019 Dutch
  12. ISQM International Standard on Quality Management 2022
  13. ITGC Horizontal Monitoring 4.0 2021
  14. NEN7510-2 2017
  15. NEN7512 2015
  16. NEN7513 2018
  17. NIS2 Directive 2022 English (preliminary version)
  18. NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.1 2018
  19. NIST Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework 1.0 2023 English
  20. NTA7516 2019
  21. NVZ Code of Conduct 2.0 2022
  22. PCI-DSS 4.0 2022
  23. Suwinet 2022
  24. Police Data Act 2019

Within Perium, the following is possible. Perium is highly scalable and not everything is mandatory. You can start small and continue to grow in line with your ambitions.

    1. Threat level (optional)
    2. Vulnerability level (optional)
    3. Management system requirement assessments (optional)
    4. Risk assessments (optional)
    5. Management measure assessments
    6. Action Plans
    7. Regular tasks (optional)

Yes that is possible. An environment or instance can be created per unit. You can easily switch between units and do not have to log in every time.

Yes, all assessment results are conveniently placed under each other. When creating a new assessment, you can use the previous assessment results. This way you can only make changes.

Perium's dashboard provides insight into 3 questions:

  1. Process wise; are we doing the right things in time such as naming ownership and conducting assessments and action plans?
  2. Performance; with a risk heatmap you have instant insight into risk scores. With a bar chart and web chart, you have instant insight into the maturity of control measures.
  3. User actions; as a user, you can see which actions are still open.

In addition, Perium offers many lists where you can use filters and sorting to have almost any insight. You can also make a download of the management measures to Excel.

We offer the use of Perium at a fixed rate per month. The rate is from €499 per month and depends, among other things, on the size of the organization. This is a so-called all-in rate. You then have access to all Perium standards, templates and functionality.

Depending on the standard, organizations may have to purchase a usage license from the issuing authority.

Want to know more about this? Then contact us at 050-2111729 or send your question to service@perium.nl.

You can get Perium up and running easily and quickly by using our onboarding wizard. Within 30 minutes you will be 'up and running'. In addition, we provide an initial user instruction of about an hour and a half so you can get started. If desired, we provide a 3-hour user training on site for € 450. There are no additional implementation costs.

We want to make the world a safer place and to set a good example in doing so. Our customers and partners should expect the same from us. Our platform is developed in line with the OWASP Application Security Standard. In addition, we perform a pen test on our platform at least annually. Perium itself is ISO27001 certified where we have not excluded anything in the scope. Practice what you preach!

Perium is an approachable and intuitive platform. You can quickly get started yourself with a management system, tasks, risks, control measures, links and templates already prepared for you. We strive for customer self-reliance where other organization often provide consultants to work with a solution.

Perium is scalable to fit your maturity level, complexity, size and ambitions. Perium grows with you instead of the tool dictating to your organization how to do what.

Explanatory texts are included within Perium. Click on the 'i' and explanations appear. In addition, the Help page provides many explanations. Also available through the Help page are videos with detailed explanations of Perium.

Can't figure it out? Please contact us at 050-2111729 or send your question to service@perium.nl

No. We have built in a mail function that sends an email based on ownership and established dates. This monitors that the right people get the right triggers in time for the right actions. For example, if you own a risk, you get an email with a link to that risk in Perium 2 weeks before a risk assessment is due.