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Risk management, security and privacy in government

Within government organizations, you have an additional responsibility in the area of information security and data privacy. Citizens must be able to rely on governments to permanently ensure available, integer and confidential systems and processes. (Online) communication with individuals and companies must also be secure. The government also has an exemplary role in this.

But do you know how digitally resilient you are? And are you doing the right things to become more resilient? To achieve effective and efficient protection, good risk management is essential. Based on optimal insight into your risks, you can work more specifically and better on the relevant control measures. You can only use your capacity once and spend your money only once.

Perium supports government organizations by providing integral insight into risk management, information security and data privacy. We offer all relevant digital risks linked to the management measures of the Baseline Information Security Government (BIO) and the ISO27701 (Data Privacy). That way you don't have to reinvent the wheel yourself and can focus on what is really important. Within Perium we also offer an ISMS or a PIMS that ensures grip, steering and continuous improvement. This way you remain demonstrably in control and compliant.

Perium offers clear reports that allow you to see at a glance how digitally resilient your organization is. Whether you work with ISO9001, ISO27001 and/or ISO27701; it's easy to have your management system in order.


Government Information Security Baseline

Perium has included the BIO in its platform especially for government organizations. We have linked the relevant and validated digital risks to the control measures of the BIO. The deployment of the BIO in combination with the use of Perium offers a government organization many advantages such as working efficiently, reduced audit burden and being demonstrably in control. A nice addition to these standards is the ISO27701. This is the standard in the field of privacy protection and helps you become compliant with the AVG/GDPR (data privacy).

Whatever standard you choose, Perium offers optimal support. You get a grip on your (digital) risks and the mitigation of these risks using your control measures. Our platform gives you real-time insight into your risks, control measures and improvement plans.

This allows you to be efficiently and effectively in control and to perform security audits or ENSIA reporting faster and cheaper.

Norms and standards