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Risk management, security and privacy within SMEs

Your customers, suppliers and partners assume you handle their data securely. However, investing in information security is not always seen as a priority. Rather, we dedicate available resources to profitable products or services. But digital risks are increasing rapidly. And legislators and customers are also demanding more and more from your organization in terms of risk management. And, of course, you yourself want to be a reliable partner.

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Perium explained in 2 minutes.

You want to become and remain demonstrably digitally resilient at the lowest possible cost and low administrative burden. You don't want to reinvent the wheel but use what is already available. You want to work on the things that really matter and have clear insight to make the right decisions. Do you recognize this? Then our platform can help your organization optimize your digital resilience.

Effective measures at low cost

The question is how do you create the greatest possible digital resilience at the lowest possible cost? We don't want to reinvent the wheel. We don't want to spend money on consultants when we don't need to, and we want to have up-to-date and comprehensive insight to make the right decisions. Perium has the solution.

To take the right measures, you need to understand your biggest risks. We have already done the risk inventory for you. You can easily find the overview on the Perium platform. That saves you having to decide which risks are the biggest and what you want to work on. We have also made the management measures based on ISO27001/27002 (the standard for information security) available to you. So all relevant information is easily to hand.

To ensure that the right actions are performed at the right time by the right person, an Information Security Management System (the ISMS based on ISO27001) is important. Supplemented by a smart and data-driven PDCA cycle, Perium takes an important part of the control out of your hands in a reliable way.

Perium also offers the opportunity to start small. You can choose to work with the Handreiking Cybersecurity Measures of the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC). This allows you to grow step by step to a digitally resilient organization. Very suitable for SMEs.

ISO27001 and ISO27002

The ISO27001/27002 is the standard for information security. The 27001 describes the management system for information security: the ISMS. The ISMS provides insight into your digital risks and a continuous improvement process using the PDCA cycle. The ISO27002 contains the control measures to manage digital risks and which security measures can be taken, in the areas of policy, organization, ICT, personnel and building management.

In principle, these ISO standards were not developed for small SME organizations. The question is how you can still optimize your digital resilience with limited resources. That is why we offer the NCSC's Cybersecurity Measures Guide. ISO27001 and 27002 do provide a handle on information security, also for SMEs.

Perium helps you improve in a scalable way. You do not need to draw up an inventory of digital risks, we have already done that for you. By identifying the biggest risks, you can easily prioritize the right measures. This way you can grow step by step and a large investment is suddenly unnecessary. You can get started quickly by using templates and examples we provide. It can help to work from the 'principles' of ISO 27001, without wanting to follow the processes exactly.

Getting started quickly and easily

If you try our trial version for free and without obligation, you will immediately notice that the platform works intuitively. We offer templates you can use right away.

Many risks and measures have already been identified. Perium has already prepared these risks and standards for you. No need to reinvent the wheel. And does your organization have specific risks? You can add those in a minute.

Once you get going, you keep going. Your organization's resilience improves every day thanks to the built-in improvement cycle.

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The ISMS (Information Security Management System) drives your information security activities. It ensures a continuous improvement process using the PDCA cycle. Besides the ISMS (ISO27001), Perium also includes other relevant management systems such as the PIMS (Privacy Information Management System) or QMS (Quality Management System), the quality system according to ISO9001.

Are you facing the challenge to take information security to the next level and comply with the ISO27001/27002 and also be compliant with the AVG/GDPR, then our platform also offers the principles of the AVG/GDPR in combination with the ISO27701 standard. In combination with the ISO27001/27002, you thus create one environment with an ISMS and/or PIMS for improving information security and data privacy. With the help of the PDCA cycle in Perium you come and stay demonstrably in control.

Whether you use the ISO27001/27002 or the NEN7510 (if you provide services to the healthcare sector ) as a standard, Perium helps your organization get a grip on your digital risks and mitigate them. Our platform gives you real-time insight into your risks, control measures and improvement plans. This allows you to be efficiently and demonstrably in control of legislation and regulations.

Why Perium?

With the Perium platform, you get:

  • An approachable platform that is quick and easy to use with vulnerabilities, threats, risks and control measures specific to your organization.
  • All relevant information available in one place (best practices, templates, risks, real-time reporting) and integral insight.
  • A clear management system (ISMS and/or PIMS, QMS) that uses a clear PDCA cycle to achieve continuous improvement. Using smart triggers, Perium ensures that the right actions, at the right time are 'triggered' at the right person.

Perium can also be easily deployed for risk management in other areas such as strategic, financial, outsourcing or for specific processes or projects.

Do you also want to manage your risk management in a well-organized way? Request afree trial so that Perium can support you and your organization optimally.

With the Perium platform, you get: