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all risks, measures and responsibilities in one place

The performance of your organization

The status of all relevant risks

The effectiveness of management measures

Clear action list per employee

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Simple and intuitive risk management

Perium makes risk management easy thanks to an intuitive dashboard. The platform is laid out like a mail program: anyone can work with it right away.

At the start, you enter some characteristics of your organization, such as the sector in which you operate. Our software ensures that the risks and control measures are immediately ready for you. Our sources are ISO, NEN and other standards frameworks, such as from the government (BIO) and De Nederlandse Bank.

Once you have started? Then your organization is self-sufficient in risk management. You work independently with Perium's platform and are not dependent on external consultants.

Permanently improve the resilience of your organization

You assess which risks and threats could impact your organization. Then Perium suggests the most commonly used measures fully automatically.

Where there is a difference between the current situation and your ambitions in areas such as security, privacy, sustainability, environment, energy management, health and safety, you make an action plan and determine who is responsible for implementation. You and all your colleagues work with exactly the same information: efficient and effective.

Done: You've laid the foundation for an effective PDCA cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act. You continuously improve your organization's resilience.

Perium tracks progress for you, alerts you when a risk or control measure needs to be addressed, and generates reports so you always have insight into your organization's resilience.