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Information Security & Privacy

Demonstrably in control of information security and privacy with Perium!

In an era when digital security and privacy are more important than ever, our approachable platform provides the perfect solution for organizations striving to be demonstrably in control.

Our risk management platform, enriched with key management systems and standards such as ISO27001, ISO27002, ISO27701, BIO and NEN7510 as well as NIS2, ISO27036 (IT contract management), ISO22301 (BCM), DORA and SOC2, is designed to take your organization to the next level of security and compliance.

We have mapped the overlap of the various standards and included them in the platform. If you have a control measure of one standard (for example, ISO27002 or NEN7510) in order, you can also use the results for the same or similar control measures for, for example, NIS2, DigiD or Horizontal Monitoring.

That saves precious time!


Why Perium?

  • Get started quickly: within 30 minutes you can start.
  • Scalable: Perium is designed to fit any organization regardless of complexity, maturity and size. Perium grows with your ambitions.
  • Approachable: we keep it as intuitive and simple as possible so that any employee can get started right away with a brief instruction.
  • Continuous process: risks and control measures will need to be assessed periodically. Perium ensures that the right actions, at the right time, reach the right people.
  • Demonstrably in control: our platform enables you not only to comply with international and national standards, but also to make this demonstrable and transparent to all stakeholders.


For any organization

Our platform is suitable for organizations of any size and in any industry. Whether you are a startup or a multinational, our platform adapts seamlessly to your specific needs.


The powerful PDCA cycle

Risks and control measures will need to be assessed periodically. Perium ensures that the right actions, at the right time, reach the right people. The system guards against forgetting anything.


Overview and insight

Always up-to-date answers to questions such as:

  • What are our biggest risks?
  • How effective are our management measures?
  • Are we doing the right things at the right time?


Take charge of Information Security and Privacy

Our platform not only makes you more (digitally) resilient, but it also helps you build a culture of transparency and awareness within your organization.


Experience the power of Perium

Discover how our platform can transform your organization. Experience the benefits of an integrated, streamlined approach to risk management.


Request a demo or contact us directly!

Take the step to a more secure and compliant organization today. Request a demo online or contact us directly to discover more about our innovative risk management platform.

Let's shape the future of information security and privacy together!

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